Monday, August 31, 2009

Happenings around here in pictures.....

The other night hubby thought he would enjoy some watermelon....ooops!

Peyton's 1st day of pre-school is on Wednesday, however, he has been wearing his backpack around for days now...even trying to sleep with it on!

Backyard fun was had by all this past Saturday....

And Savannah said a few cheers...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to school goodies!

Today Peyton & I ran a few errands and one of the items on my list was a backpack for him. He starts his very first ever two day a week preschool next week and he is supposed to bring a lunchbox (check!) and a backpack with a change of clothes in it, just in case!! I have been keeping my eye out for just the right backpack, but so far have found nothing. They are all so big! We decided to stop by a kids boutique/consignment shop on our way to Sam's Club & we struck gold! They had the CUTEST litle backpacks took me forever to decide which one to get (and Peyton was no help, because by this time, he had spied a train set and had eyes for NOTHING else!) I also scored 3 great pairs of jeans (2 Levis and a pair from The Gap) as well as a cute Gap sweat jacket for him. And, of course the was $9.99 and well, Peyton is my baby and he LOVES trains...what is one more train set???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The incubator passed inspection

I am thrilled to announce that my uterus looks fantastic! It is polyp and obstruction free and ready for an embryo (or two) to make its home there! I had the saline sonogram today as well as the mock transfer. I was so worried that I would get bad news that would delay things, but God was on my side today!! The mock transfer was painless, literally, I did not feel a thing! The Dr. was able to get the catheter in and out without any problems! First try! They didn't even have to try different size ones. So, now I continue on with my birth control pills and add Lupron on 9/2! So soon! I also picked up all of my IVF medications today from the pharmacy....

Savannah Starts Middle School!

Today was Savannah's 1st day of 6th grade...middle school. College, as far as she's concerned. Yes, I am in for some trying times with this child, I do not deny that. I guess payback is a B!#&$, but at least I waited until age 17 or so to start pushing the envelope!! are some pictures of her getting ready for school this morning. (they have to wear uniforms at her school...ha ha ha ha!!!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow morning is my hydrosonogram and mock transfer. I am hopeful that everything looks ok & also that the 31mm cyst I had a week ago is shrinking nicely. Afterall, I am on the birth control pill for now! If they find any polyps or other "obstructions" in my uterus, they may have to tend to those 1st (remove them) before we can do IVF...that would SUCK! The mock transfer is a piece of cake...they just measure your uterus & see how far they need to go in when they transfer the embryos in at the actual IVF. I also talked to the pharmacy today & my meds are ready....and the co=pay will be $170...not nearly as bad as I feared!!! And in other good friend Danna got her Beta back today after her August 10th IUI and she is preggers!! I am praying for her!!!! Ok, I leave you with a great picture of Tux and I!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are they really this small??

Hubby brought this home from work of his co-workers gave it to him, saying that we would need it soon! LOL! I hope this doesn't jinx us.... And of course, I told him that I don't believe that I have ever birthed a baby small enough to fit in a diaper THAT small! Ok, maybe Peyton fit into that size for a DAY!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It begins!!

This morning I went in for an Ultrasound and bloodwork at my Dr's office, and yes! I get to start my BCP's for the IVF today!!!! Finally! This is my tentative schedule:
8/17- Start BCP's
9/2- Start Lupron & Doxycycline
9/5- stop BCP's
9/10- U/S and bloodwork
9/11- Start stims!!
9/14- Bloodwork
9/16- U/S and bloodwork
9/18- U/S and bloodwork
9/21- Tentative egg retrieval

I can't believe we are finally starting this process......

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fresh fruit & veggies...

I saw this in the paper last weekend at work & when I came home & tried the web address, it didn't work. Perhaps I wrote it down incorrectly. However, today again, it was in the local paper, so I looked it up again & wa-la! It looks like a good deal & I am definitely gonna give it a is of course just for the Charlotte, NC vicinity, but if you live here or know someone who does, check it out
Vegetables Pictures, Images and Photos

Girls night out tonight...

I am really not in the mood, after we have all been highly anticipating this for months now it seems! LOL! But, I am gonna go...I offered to drive....blah. Maybe I will take some pictures of the drunk people.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am sick of the summer....sick of the heat, and I am so ready for Fall and the coolness and the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas trio. That is truly my favorite time of year. I guess I would like the summer more if our budget & work schedules permitted say...a trip or two to the beach for a week or two, hell, I'd even take a long weekend, but alas, that's not really feasible right now. Next year, I am definitely making a beach trip happen, even if it means toting infant twins to the beach at 1 month old!!! I am still hoping and praying that this IVF is successful, because I want the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas thing to be even MORE special this year.....and I don't want the failure of IVF bringing me down during one of my favorite times of the year. It has been HOT here lately, so I have been staying inside for the most part....and going stir crazy. I am bored! And restless! Yesterday I spend the entire 1st half of the day doing laundry & thoroughly cleaning the upstairs "loft"...which is really not a loft, it is a hunormous room the size of our downstairs family room. When hubby and Peyton arrived home from Tennessee at about 4pm, we did head out to the water park for a bit. I tried to get Peyton to go to the pool earlier today...just the one here in our neighborhood, but he really isn't a swimming pool kinda kid! He told me " thank you,'s closed". So we have been indoors all day, blinds closed to keep out the hot sun, him happily playing with his kazillion trains and tracks, that apparently he was in withdrawal from over the weekend spent at great-grandma's house! I have changed my sheets, made my bed, vacuumed my room, done a load or two of laundry, and dawdled mindlessly on the internet...I came across a great blog, so i spent some time reading that....but alas, I am bored!!!! I guess I will go do another load of laundry and pray that it cools down later today.
Maybe I can at least take a walk later in semi-hot weather, after the sun goes down.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So tired of waiting

You know, I have been at this TTC thing now for 2 years and first of all, I never imagined it would take this long (with still nothing to show for it all), second of really breaks my heart to see all those who started TTC around the same time as me, moving on now to thinking about baby #2 or even TTC #2 or even pregnant with #2. Why can't I just have my one more that I wanted? I am sorry for venting...I am just feeling extremely emotional tonight...maybe its progesterone withdrawal....LOL...but you know what? I want babies, lots of them and if God lets me have one more through IVF, I am never going on Birth Control again in my life, and if I get pregnant AGAIN by some miracle, well bring it on! And if I do have one baby from IVF and some frozen ones to save, well, maybe there will be a FET in the future, before I hit 40 in 2013! As I walked tonight, I did my usual...mapping out the IVF process on the calendar in my brain. "If my period shows on Thursday, I can go in for labs on Friday, I can ask to start BCP's THIS month...start the pills on Saturday...14 days later start Lupron, 10 days later start stims, 9 days later will be my daughter's birthday, 9/22...5 days later transfer.....then on hubby's birthday, October 1st, will be the 1st BETA..... Ok, so I am a fanatical planner sometimes, and I know that nothing is set in stone with IVF, but planning it out in my head helps make this uncertain waiting period a bit more bearable. I feel like the longer this wait becomes,the IVF is never going to happen. I just want to start NOW! I am so tired of waiting...2 years is long enough!

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's not me!??

This morning the nurse from my Dr's office called with hubby's Pre-IVF SA results. (he had this done last March also and it was fine) Whoa!!! His stuff sucks! Count was only 5.5 million and motility was only 4.2 %!?! In March they told us it was 32 million with 93% motility!? No, nothing has changed since fact he is now taking vitamins on a regular basis. It is still ok, just an even better reason to do IVF. I am just in shock. For 2 years now I have beat myself up and felt bad b/c I was unable to get pregnant...I felt old and decrepit despite my labs all being "good" and "normal". I figured my uterus just had cobwebs and cracks annd was on the brink of being declared "condemned". Apparently not....well, I choose to think not anyways. It makes me feel suddenly healthier and younger knowing that it probably was him & not me. Mean, I know. And I am of course not going to tell hubby about the results unless he asks....which he probably won't....I am sure it would CRUSH his manhood! Now we may have to do ICSI with our IVF...the RN said she did not know, that my Dr had not yet even seen the report, so we shall see. I know it cost more, but if it's gonna help us and give us a better chance, then we will do it. I am hoping insurance will cover it. And who knows, maybe the next SA (on the day of egg retrieval) will be good again!? Plus, we will both go on Antibiotics prior to the SA and retrieval....

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