Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am sick of the summer....sick of the heat, and I am so ready for Fall and the coolness and the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas trio. That is truly my favorite time of year. I guess I would like the summer more if our budget & work schedules permitted say...a trip or two to the beach for a week or two, hell, I'd even take a long weekend, but alas, that's not really feasible right now. Next year, I am definitely making a beach trip happen, even if it means toting infant twins to the beach at 1 month old!!! I am still hoping and praying that this IVF is successful, because I want the whole Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas thing to be even MORE special this year.....and I don't want the failure of IVF bringing me down during one of my favorite times of the year. It has been HOT here lately, so I have been staying inside for the most part....and going stir crazy. I am bored! And restless! Yesterday I spend the entire 1st half of the day doing laundry & thoroughly cleaning the upstairs "loft"...which is really not a loft, it is a hunormous room the size of our downstairs family room. When hubby and Peyton arrived home from Tennessee at about 4pm, we did head out to the water park for a bit. I tried to get Peyton to go to the pool earlier today...just the one here in our neighborhood, but he really isn't a swimming pool kinda kid! He told me "um...no thank you, maybe...um...it's closed". So we have been indoors all day, blinds closed to keep out the hot sun, him happily playing with his kazillion trains and tracks, that apparently he was in withdrawal from over the weekend spent at great-grandma's house! I have changed my sheets, made my bed, vacuumed my room, done a load or two of laundry, and dawdled mindlessly on the internet...I came across a great blog, so i spent some time reading that....but alas, I am bored!!!! I guess I will go do another load of laundry and pray that it cools down later today.
Maybe I can at least take a walk later in semi-hot weather, after the sun goes down.


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