Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I ordered the stroller

And now I am freaking out, wondering how I could spend $500 on a stroller (and free carseat) w/o even having yet seen this baby or heard a heartbeat. But the free carseat give-away ends tomorrow, and my mom said she would pay for half of really, in the end, I just paid $250. It won't ship for like a month though! Crazy! They must be having to manufacture these strollers in double over-time to meet the demands of their promo!?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 weeks

Eleven weeks pregnant. It still seems surreal, yet I must be pregnant still. This morning, well, all-day sickness, did not go away like I thought it did. It mearly gave me a break for a week or so, then returned with a vengence. This past Saturday morning I was violently throwing up as I got ready for work. It was too late to call out sick. I haven't felt good since. Combine that with a cold/allergies. But again, I guess I need to look at it as a good sign. There is indeed a baby inside of me, growing. Why else would I be so sick? And then there is my growing belly. I mean, this is baby #5, so lets face it, my belly knows what to do & quickly pops out there. If there was not a growing baby inside of me, surely my belly would not be expanding, right?
Recently I have had a revelation. I am anxiously & nervously awaiting our April 6th Ultrasound. I have decided that I am no longer worried about anything. As long as there is a baby in there with a heartbeat, that is all that metters. I can accept anything else God throws our way. I just want a baby.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yeah!!! I have a camera!

I bought the Nikon D3100. I am still in shock over spending so much on one such small device....LOL. I felt so guilty walking out of the store after buying it, but I paid cash, no charging, so that is good! And it is definitely something I will use and use and use for a long time to come! Here are a few of my 1st attempts....

Monday, March 21, 2011

I want a new camera!

And not just any old camera. A nice one! An expensive one. A digital SLR. I have wanted one for years. My cheapo Kodak digital camera broke on Halloween when I dropped it as I pushed the stroller & tried to take a million photos. (luckily, my camera was kind enough to last the night, even though the lense cover falling off and broken. I was able to take the photos, download them safely to my computer before my camera OFFICIALLY kicked the bucket) I want this I think:

Nikon D3100

I want to stay in the $400 to $600 range...any other suggestions?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patty's Day appointment!

I had appointment #2 today at my OBGYN. I met with the Nurse Practicioner. It was uneventful...just basically going over all of my history. Got handouts on all kinds of stuff. Discussed the benefits of breast feeding. They also drew my blood for the bloodwork portion of the "Ultrascreen". It will be sent off and processed and they will have the results from it ready & waiting for my next appointment on April 6th, which is when they will do the ultrasound portion of the screening. I am so nervous, but have just decided to put it all in God's hands. I just hope & pray that in 3 weeks when they do that U/S, there will actally be a real, live baby with a heartbeat in there.

I also got a call from my regular Dr's office today. I went in about a month ago to have a complete physical done (about 4 days before I discovered I was pregnant) & they did labwork. I was very nervous to see what my cholesterol & triglyceride levels were, because on Jan 25th, I did a screening for cholesterol at my local gym & they told me it was 268 (anything above 200 is high, 268 is VERY high!)! (my good friend was with me & hers was just 133!!!) So, needless to say, I thought I was about to stroke out & would never again get to indulge in a cheeseburger & fries! LOL! Thank God, my REAL results were Cholesterol 178 and Triglycerides 56!! YES! Thank you God! (-: I was so excited to hear 178, that I didn't even ask her what the LDL and HDL levels were, but I will find that out. I am just so glad that I can eat crap occasionally & not feel like I am about to have a stroke!!!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

What we have been up to....

Battling Nausea....

Getting our 702 Babywipes in the mail from (for a mere $1.01!!)

Peyton got a black eye...I like to call him "Blackeyed-P", LOL! He ran straight into another kid on the playground!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a sign!

So, I have a man & his wife (supposedly) coming at 6:30pm today to look at our gorgeous 8 month old Peg Perego Stroller & infant car seat & 2 bases. They were supposed to come yesterday but of course bad weather & severe storms cropped up here from like 5-7pm, and they were traveling from 45 minutes southwest of us. So, they are supposed to come today. They haven't called yet to cancel. So, I am hopeful. As much as i HATE to part with my beloved stroller, I need a bigger, more accomodating one if I am going to have TWO little ones under the age of two. I looked at Babies R Us a few weeks ago and fell in love with the Britax B-Ready! Amazing! I want it! And the additional child seat for it and their Chaperone infant carseat. Big I better get to selling my Peg and saving up some extra dinero! However, it is a sign...I should indeed get it...because looky at what I just came across....

So, buy the stroller, get a $250 Chaperone infant carseat for free! And then still buy the $150 extra seat, but hey....that is cheaper than buying both the carseat & the seat! (-:

Update...the guy totally stood us up tonight, as I suspected! I guess he just sounded very flighty to me the THREE times he called me and spoke to me on the phone on Sunday & Monday. Whatever! I am still getting the new stroller & free carseat AND am crossing my fingers that I can use my 20% off coupon from Babies R Us as well so I can get a super deal! Someone will eventually buy my Peg & if not, I will just keep it and use it when the baby gets bigger or when DH is with me & we can use 2 strollers!

A Doc Band for Jacoby

One of the mom's from my June 2010 moms group desparately wants to be able to get a Doc band for her son. His head was evaluated & is considered "severe", yet, they are Military & their insurance will not cover the band. They can apply for a grant or a loan through the military but that takes time & with the Doc Band, time is of the essence. It is most effective when treatment is begun before 12 months of age. Her son is already 9 months old. Please consider donating, even a dollar will help them reach their goal! Thank you!

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