Friday, July 29, 2011

Good deals galore!

I have slacked this week, but am going to try to catch it all up now!!! On Monday, we headed to Babies R Us to check out a great deal on diapers that I heard about online. The Huggies Jean diapers were on sale for $5/pack and were buy one get one 1/2 off! Plus, I had three coupons for $1.50 off...well, we snagged the last 6 packs of size 5's. We are not in size 5's yet (I did open one pack just to try!)...but we will get there soon enough!!!!
While there, we decided to look at the furniture...specifically the set we have for Isabella. We bought her crib and the matching chest of drawers last year, and earlier this year found a matching crib for sale on Craigslist, so we now have 2 cribs that match. I had been toying with the idea of buying the matching dresser/changing table combo & selling our current changing we could have more, much needed storage, however, did not feel like spending nearly $450 for the item! )-: However, on Monday, much to our was on sale for 50% off!!! $219.99! We bought it!! It had to be ordered & should be in in about 1 week! Oh, and we sold our changing table today!! (-: Thank you Craigslist!

(Dresser pictures courtesy of other satisfied Babies R Us Shoppers!)
Yesterday I went with my Mother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law to a big consignment sale called TotTrade Charlotte! SOOOOOO many great deals! Too bad I didn't need anything major...but I did buy quite a few clothes for Fall & Winter for Isabella, some toddler toys, 4 prs of shoes for Bella & 2 pairs for baby, and a Darth Vader Halloween Costume for Peyton! Also got 2 Kissaluv fitted diapers and a thirsties fitted diaper, oh! and a package of Target brand Sz 1 diapers for $2! And a big giant Bib...LOVE those! I am probably leaving stuff out, but I got a lot! And had fun!

Oh, and can't forget the adorable shoes that I found for Bella! Aren't they cute?! And when i put them on her & she took off walking....well.....Squeak! Squaek! They squeak!! Like a dog toy. WITH.EVERY.STEP! LOL!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

3D Ultrasound

26 weeks 6 Days
Olivia Morgan.... here she is! Some pictures look like Peyton, some like Isabella! She was not quite as cooperative as I had hoped....she had her legs pulled up to her face the majority of the time, LOL! My little gymnast!

And the last one...with the umbilical cord pulled up on her face!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank you God!

Woo-hoo! Found out today that Shane's unemployment appeal yesterday went well....he won! And the money (back pay for the past 3 weeks) was in our bank account today! God is really watching out for us! So, from now on, he will get paid unemployment weekly. I plan to still pick up 1 extra shift at work each week for as long as I can, just for security & for our savings, but this will take such a burden off of my shoulders! It also will enable us to get my mini van repaired on Monday (the radiator sprung a leak about 10 days ago & we were waiting until I got paid again on the 22nd to repair it since right now we don't NEED 2 working cars) & we can also afford a elective 3D Ultrasound that I have had to keep putting off because we just could not justify spending our money on it. Now, it is set for Wednesday July 20th!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

25 weeks 5 days

Yesterday's appointment went well. I am up by about 12-14 lbs or so, who's keeping track!?? My B/P was good and iron level was excellent! Belly measured almost 26, so right on target. My next appt is in 3 weeks, the horrid 1 hour diabetes screen.

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