Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank you God!

Woo-hoo! Found out today that Shane's unemployment appeal yesterday went well....he won! And the money (back pay for the past 3 weeks) was in our bank account today! God is really watching out for us! So, from now on, he will get paid unemployment weekly. I plan to still pick up 1 extra shift at work each week for as long as I can, just for security & for our savings, but this will take such a burden off of my shoulders! It also will enable us to get my mini van repaired on Monday (the radiator sprung a leak about 10 days ago & we were waiting until I got paid again on the 22nd to repair it since right now we don't NEED 2 working cars) & we can also afford a elective 3D Ultrasound that I have had to keep putting off because we just could not justify spending our money on it. Now, it is set for Wednesday July 20th!


Anonymous said...

I loved my 3D with the boys, they took so much time to get good pictures- unlike the typical OB ones.

someday-soon said...

What a huge relief! Happy you can get the car repaired and can't wait to see pics from the 3D u/s =)

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