Thursday, July 3, 2008

Veggies from the garden!

We have actually managed to grow & not kill some vegetables this year in our garden (although Shane came close to killing them the 3 days I was in the mountains last water for 3 days, claiming that it rained every night! Ha!) Here is a picture that I snapped with the camera phone....we also had a big Zuchini, but I took that to my parents house.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good Day!

Today we had a really good day! Peyton & I headed to the Aquatic Center at about 9:45, I worked out from 10 til 11:30...he played in the daycare room. He was actually very good in there, only cried for a minute when I first left. Then, we changed into our bathing suits & headed to the water park. Again, he was very god...playing in the water, sliding on the slide....until they started these ridiculous "adults only" breaks. All kids under 18 had to get out of the pool, Peyton was not down with that at all! But we managed....we went to the bathroom....ate some cheese crackers, sat on the cement by the lounge chair and cried and screamed, talked to daddy on the phone.....all while maybe 3 adults enjoyed the empty 10 acre pool area! Give me a break! Finally, they let kids back in and all was good. On round 2 of the "adults only" time, we left. We ordered up some Chick-Fil-A on the way home, him a nuggets meal, me a salad. We came home, ate, and I decided that since he was showing no signs of being sleepy, we would head to the mall. Meghan, who at 2pm had just woken up & was eating a bowl of cereal, said she wanted to go with us to the mall also. The picture to the right is the cute find of the day for Peyton.....

And finally....he is out cold! (Sorry, it's a camera phone picture!)

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