Friday, February 25, 2011

Crazy Ramblings of a pregnant woman.....

Am I the only one who has done this? Think in their head...ok, on 2/18 my HCG was on 2/20 it was probably 1240 and on 2/22 it was probably 2480 and on 2/24 it was probably almost 5000 and will be about 10,000! Wow! I am really pregnant! Now I kinda wish I could have another HCG level done just to see if my calculations are right! 6 weeks one day and counting! LOL!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Crib

Jinx or no jinx, I had to buy it! A crib. A second crib. EXACTLY the same as Isabella's crib! Yep, found it last night on Craigslist...our $350 crib for $150! A woman about an hour from us was selling it. Perfect condition, manufactured in Dec 2008. And would throw in the mattress too! (made in March 2009! Better than the one we have, which was bought for Peyton in 2005!) So I went & saw it and bought it! I wasn't going to set it up, but Shane wanted to. So we did. It went together fine. And it matches Isabella's crib to a T...almost. It is a slight shade lighter, but not noticeable unless they are side by side, which we won't be all is good! I will have to take pictures tomorrow!

UPDATE! Here are some pictures!! (-:

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visit to the Park!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Profile Friday!

So I forgot to do a post LAST Friday, but I did take a picture a day or two later...just need to locate it! Let's see if I can....
Week 1...

Week 2...

Week 3....

Week 4....

And Week 5....2/18/2011

Saturday's Surprise!

So, anyone who is a TTC veteran, knows all about I do not chart my temperatures (I don't take my temps!!!), but I do still chart when my period starts & when it ends and on which days we have sex! (-: This past month was a busy one...LOL...and well, we had sex on Cycle day 7 (one day after my period ended) & again on CD 12. Who would have ever guessed that I would get pregnant from sex on CD 12?! Although, since Isabella's birth, my cycles have been very regular...28 days, like clockwork, except for maybe twice...once last month when it was just 26 days and maybe once when it was 29 days. So, Thursday last week came & I fully expected my visitor to show up. She didn't. Friday passed, and nothing. Not really thinking much about this. Then Saturday at work...all day, I just KNEW my period would start. I kept checking. Nothing. But I had cramps. But then, the boobs started to hurt. That's when I thought "hmmmm....maybe I am pregnant" So, on the way home from work that night...on the eve of my birthday, I bought a 2 pack of pregnancy tests at Target. As soon as I got home, I did one. Assumed that it probably would be negative & my period would start 5 min later & I would have wasted $8! It was positive!!! I did take a picture of it with my camera phone, but it was kinda blurry, so the one above is from Monday I think! (-: Neeedless to say I was in complete shock!! But also excited & happy. I know most of the world thinks I am crazy...I will have FIVE kids. FIVE! And the 2 youngest will be 16 months apart! Maybe I am crazy! But all my life I have wanted a big I definitely have it! On Mondy, Valentine's day, I went to my OB thinking I would just have my blood drawn. However, they also did a manual exam. The Dr said everything felt and looked fine & that I was "already definitely growing". My Beta that day was 113.5. I went back Wednesday for a 2nd Beta...282. Today was the 3rd and finaal Beta....618! (-: My next appointment is on March 17th (St Patty's day!! Hopefully it will bring me lots of luck!), and I will be 9 weeks. (I am about 5 weeks 1 day today, based on LMP date) I pray that there is a strong HB at that appt!!! And then, most likely, NT scan a week or so later. Prayers & positive thoughts will be much appreciated!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Well,tomorrow actually! And I just got the best early present! Will share more later!! (-:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty! *Updated*

Today I made a trip to Ikea to get a lamp shade & a cork board. They were out of the cork boards. (My plan was to cover it with the same fabric that I had made my daugghter Savannah's curtains & throw pillows out of). Then, I ask if they still sold those wooden fabric could attach fabric of your choice to it & wa-la, instant wall art. Nope, they discontinued those! WTH???!!! I knew I should have bought those all the times I LOOKED at them. So, on the way out, I stop by the scratch n dent section & see several misc pieces of doors from entertainment centers, cabinets etc. There for $4.99 is a pretty large, dark brown/black piece that maybe was a door or side of something...I don't know, but in my mind, I saw me glueing my fabric to the middle and having a great wall hanging! Here it is. I do need more glue before I hang this is preliminary picture...

Ok, so after buying a level & some spray it is! (disregard the tape still on the wall at the ceiling, I DO plan on getting that down one of these days! LOL!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My girls!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Profile Friday

Week 1...

Week 2...

Week 3....

I am a little isn't looking any different in these pictures. It even looks worse this week....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are trying again!

We are trying again to win a photo session give away from a local photographer!! If you participated last time, you know the drill....the link is below. Just find Isabellas picture & "like" it. I believe we are #23. She has her Doc Band Helmet on, so it's easy to spot! If you didn't participate last time, you just have to "like" the Dimples & Curls Face Book page 1st & then you can "like" our photo! Thank you so much!!! (I guess I should mention that this contest is on Face Book, so you need a FB account!)
Here is the link:

This hopefully takes you to her albums. The one you need is labled "Portrait Session Give-away"

Ok, so that link does not work on here! Just log into FB, search for Dimples and Curls photography. "Like" the page, if you haven't done so already...then go to her photos & look for the give-away album. We are pict #23 I believe. You will recognize the Doc band! "Like" it & you are done!!!!! Easy!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Almost 8 months.....

Just 2 more days...

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