Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Crib

Jinx or no jinx, I had to buy it! A crib. A second crib. EXACTLY the same as Isabella's crib! Yep, found it last night on Craigslist...our $350 crib for $150! A woman about an hour from us was selling it. Perfect condition, manufactured in Dec 2008. And would throw in the mattress too! (made in March 2009! Better than the one we have, which was bought for Peyton in 2005!) So I went & saw it and bought it! I wasn't going to set it up, but Shane wanted to. So we did. It went together fine. And it matches Isabella's crib to a T...almost. It is a slight shade lighter, but not noticeable unless they are side by side, which we won't be all is good! I will have to take pictures tomorrow!

UPDATE! Here are some pictures!! (-:


someday-soon said...

Look forward to seeing the pics! What a find =)

RELH said...

WHat a great find!

Anonymous said...

They look great! Even the twins cribs that were purchased at the same time are not *exactly* the same. I'm sure you are the only one who will ever notice.

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