Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Peyton!!

Today was Peyton's 3rd birthday! Where has the time gone???? We had a great day, got up at 9am, went to eat breakfast at the Waffle House, then went home and hung out a bit. We then met the grandparents and other family at "Souper Salad" then came home for cake & presents. Of course, the theme for the day was "Thomas The Train", what else???

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New toys.....

We once again went to the toy "library" and got some great things. Peyton is OBSESSED with signs and stop lights and of course he about dies when he saw a stop light at the lending library today! It is pretty big and he was carrying it around the place so we would not forget it! We also got a wagon...we never did buy him one because he was always so much more interested in the jeeps and cars and bikes at the store & we were worried he would not want to stay in a wagon to go on walks, but today we went all over the neighborhood in it! He is such a big boy....and will be turning THREE on Saturday! I cannot believe it! Time sure flies!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I love the fall!!! The colors, the cool crisp air, filled with the scent of burning really brings back memories of my childhood and makes me wish I was a kid again! I always loved to pick out a pumpkin & carve the kids and I went the other day to a nearby pumpkin patch and picked out three. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. Can't wait til we carve them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Decorating & Peyton's Early B-Day Gift

So Savannah & I attempted to do a little Halloween decorating outside today, but had limited supplies...most of our Halloween decor is in the attic & we could not get to it! We will have to have Shane get it down for us tomorrow. However, we did do a little bit with what we bought are the pictures that Savannah snapped afterwards. Also, this past Friday, Shane brought home a project that him & his step-dad had been working on for must understand that Peyton is OBSESSED with signs, especially "Rail Road Crossing Signs"...he nearly had a heart attack upon seeing this, and yes, we caught it on video tape!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New table

I picked up this cute table today at the Salvation Army store for $20. It fits perfectly in my upstairs hallway! I get so excited when I find good stuff there...didn't find Peyton too many clothes there today (Wednesdays are 50% off all clothing) but this made the trip worthwhile! Ha ha! I think with the economy as bad as it is, everyone & their uncle is now shopping there on Wednesdays & all the good stuff sells fast!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple Pie & a picture of Peyton!

I cut up some of the apples we got from the mountains & made an apple pie tonight! I am about to go eat a piece now...but since I am far from Betty Crocker, I had to take pictures to prove that I made one since Shane isn't here tonight & my parents are 3 hrs away!!

Also, Peyton just now got out of bed & tried to pull the "I sleep in mommy bed", no! Back to his bed he went, but he insisted on taking his "Diego car" with him up the stairs, so I let him, I am not in the mood to argue...he kept saying "I DO IT" and would not let me help him at all! He has become so independent lately!

Trip to the Mountains!

A rarity....I had the weekend we packed up the dogs and the kids and headed to the mountains to visit my parents. It is so pretty there this time of year & the weather was dad took us on a "hay ride" in his tractor...which I though Peyton would LOVE, but he would only go if I went the girls, him & me all went! It was cramped, but he had a lot of fun! We also picked apples, they have a ton of apple trees there on their now we will be eating apples 'til Christmas! The 2nd night we were there, we made a camp fire and roasted hot dogs and made S'Mores & the grown-ups drank my dad's home-made Raspberry wine! Yum! Yesterday we climbed to the top of Roan is soooo pretty there and the view at the top is amazing! Of course, we had to pretty much carry Peyton all the way up & back down, lazy boy....well, I should say I had to carry him...Shane got off easy & just walked the dog! Figures!

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