Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome Olivia Morgan!!

Surprise, surprise! Olivia just couldn't wait! She made her appearance into the world on 9/25/11 at 6:39pm weighing 6 lbs 11oz. I was just 36 weeks and 3 days!! We are all doing fabulous! Picts and more details to follow in a few days!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

36 weeks 1 day

Today I had my last appointment at the Diabetes center. As I feared, she checked another Hgb A1C
Luckily, it was good! Holding steady at 5.2%. (My initial one ws 5.5, the 2nd one they did a few weeks ago was 5.2. I was so afraid that todays would be higher, because I admit, I have not been as hard core, stick to the diet as I initially was!!!)
She gave me my orders to take with me to the hospital when I go into labor, instructing them what to do as far as diet orders, insulin orders and so forth. It seems surreal..... She also mentioned that if the Dr's end up setting up a scheduled C-Section, to have them do it 1st thing in the AM! Wow! That was crazy to hear! I ask if she saw a lot of women with gestational diabetes that required a C-Section & she said that many did. In my case, she would guess that I might have one if I don't go into labor on my own by 39 weeks....not b/c of the diabetes or fear of a large baby, but b/c I had a C-section yrs ago & then 4 more pregnancies since then, so if they had to induce my labor, I would be a high risk for rupture. Hopefully, I will just go into labor on my own on my magic day...38wks 1 day.....exactly 2 weeks from today.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

35 weeks 6 days!

I had my 2nd Non-Stress test today & it was "text book perfect" according to the Dr. My weight was great (I think I am down 2 lbs from last week!!!??? Darn diabetes diet!), BP was great & Hemaglobin was 12.7...good! I talked the Dr into an U/S next week to check on the baby's size! (-: It is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:30pm. I cannot believe that in as little as 2 weeks, I could be having this baby!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

35 weeks

I had my 1st Non-Stress Test was unevetful. I just laid on the table for about 20 minutes while connected to the fetal heart monitors. It was so loud (the heartbeat!!) I think it was even making Olivia move more than usual! LOL! They gave me a button & told me to push it every time she moved, so of course I concentrated on that & was not able to read any of the reading material that everyone suggested I bring! (how can I hold a Nook or a magazine AND manuever that button thingy!!??) They said it was a great NST. I have another one scheduled for next Wednesday. For the 1st time that I can recall, I am measuring ahead when they measure my stomach. I measured about 35 1/2 weeks, so not too horribly big! Weight ws good, BP was good. On the diabetes front, I am up to 30 units of NPH insulin at bedtime. My morning fasting blood sugars are in the 70's, where they want them. I have been trying to be good with my eating, and I have, but lately it is getting harder! )-: Hopefully just 3 weeks to go!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Isabella's 15 month Stats

Height: 36 inches
Weight: 25lbs 5oz
Head Circumference: 45cm

The height is WAYYYY off the chart!? And the weight is about 85th percentile. I hope her height slows down some now...otherwise we will have a 6'2" teen on our hands...poor baby!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

So, have I mentioned....

that I have gestational diabetes this time around? I guess I should be thankful that I made it through 4 other pregnancies without it. But, this time around...not so lucky. And the diabetes clinic that I go to is hard core! They have some pretty aggressive parameters (believe me, I know...I have talked to several other former GD moms and have done mega research on the Internet!) I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day...and they want my fasting blood sugar (the one when you 1st wake up) to be less than 90. Then, I have to check my sugar 1 hr after each meal. They want it less than 120 ONE hour after the meal. Of course, I had to totally adjust my diet, start counting carbs, eating snacks between meals...the diet itself is not too bad. But every now & then I just want to say "screw it! I want pancakes with syrup!" LOL! I even lost 5 lbs the 1st week I was on the diet. Since then, another 2 lbs or so. So far, I am up about 15 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Well, despite my best efforts (and even my Hgb A1C (blood work) going down from 5.5 to 5.2) they have decided I need to start on insulin at bedtime. )-: Tonight is night #3. I started with 12 units of NPH insulin. The goal is that it will bring my fasting AM blood sugar down below 90. I have to keep adding 4 units each night until we get there. So, tonight, I will be taking 20 units...grrrr!!!!!! Once I hit below 90 in the morning, (normally, w/o insulin I was 95-100 in the morning), I then increase my insulin dose by 2 units each night until my morning blood sugar is <80. Fun stuff! My OBGYN mentioned that if I went on insulin, it would "totally change the way they manage my care". I will find out on Friday exactly what that entails. Looks like more frequent appointments, non stress tests, ultrasounds, amniotic fluid measuring....and delivery by 38 or 39 weeks. I am even starting to worry that they may suggest a C-section....since one Dr made the comment that if I went into labor on my own at 38 weeks, that would "be perfect"...and "we would hate to induce you since you have had a previous C-section" I worry...what if I don't go into labor again on my own at 38 weeks? Will they press to do a scheduled C-section? I know I have had one...17 yrs ago...and it was fine, but I am a lot older now & a nurse who fully recognizes all of the risks associated with a major abdominal surgery! Not to mention that it would take me longer to recover from it & I would not be able to return to work as early as planned (4 to 6 weeks after delivery)...which is what I had hoped to do since Shane lost his job back in June & we cannot survive on unemployment alone for long! Anyways...I am rambling I suppose. Here are some pictures from recent days....

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