Thursday, September 15, 2011

35 weeks

I had my 1st Non-Stress Test was unevetful. I just laid on the table for about 20 minutes while connected to the fetal heart monitors. It was so loud (the heartbeat!!) I think it was even making Olivia move more than usual! LOL! They gave me a button & told me to push it every time she moved, so of course I concentrated on that & was not able to read any of the reading material that everyone suggested I bring! (how can I hold a Nook or a magazine AND manuever that button thingy!!??) They said it was a great NST. I have another one scheduled for next Wednesday. For the 1st time that I can recall, I am measuring ahead when they measure my stomach. I measured about 35 1/2 weeks, so not too horribly big! Weight ws good, BP was good. On the diabetes front, I am up to 30 units of NPH insulin at bedtime. My morning fasting blood sugars are in the 70's, where they want them. I have been trying to be good with my eating, and I have, but lately it is getting harder! )-: Hopefully just 3 weeks to go!!!!


someday-soon said...

I can't believe you're getting so close =) Happy things with the NST went well!

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