Wednesday, September 21, 2011

35 weeks 6 days!

I had my 2nd Non-Stress test today & it was "text book perfect" according to the Dr. My weight was great (I think I am down 2 lbs from last week!!!??? Darn diabetes diet!), BP was great & Hemaglobin was 12.7...good! I talked the Dr into an U/S next week to check on the baby's size! (-: It is scheduled for Tuesday at 1:30pm. I cannot believe that in as little as 2 weeks, I could be having this baby!!!


someday-soon said...

Good growin' baby! Look forward to hearing about your u/s =)

Celia said...

That is exciting! You will probably be surprised how thin you are once the baby gets here. Once I dropped all the extra fluid I was 14 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant from the GD diet. Of course Peter was so crazy and never slept that I GAINED almost thirty pounds his first year. But still.

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Oh that would be awesome! But I have no willpower, so once I am GD free I am sure I will be stuffing my mouth full of oreos at every middle of the night feeding! LOL! Ok, so maybe I will just not buy any....ha ha! I am going to try really hard to keep on eating healthier after baby. I want to see skinny again! (-:

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