Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mexican Black Bean Shrimp

This recipe is sooooo good, I had to share! Being that my laptop went through a traumatic glass of water spill tonight I am gonna cheat & just post the link to the recipe, and a picture of MINE!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have totally slacked lately, especially in the picture camera batteries are dead & I have been too lazy to recharge them! Pitiful, I know!! Alot has been going on though, so I have been staying busy! Last week Peyton & I took a trip to our beloved IKEA again & got some great deals on organizational stuff...baskets and so both the upstairs & downstairs living room TV areas are organized, DVD's in alphabetical order in boxes, video games in cute baskets....We also got an AWESOME book shelf in the "As is" section of IKEA, I think it was a floor model, with only one small scratch, so now we have that in the loft...I still need to fill it's shelves, but it looks so nice! I know, I need to insert a picture of it here...hmm.....cell phone perhaps? LOL!

What else? Oh, I finally got some curtains for my family room....they are ok, but it has been almost 3 yrs and I was getting desparate, maybe one day I will find "the perfect" curtains, but these will do until then, they are growing on me! The picture of them will have to wait until I get off my lazy butt & recharge the REAL camera up! I have also been working on a little "study area" in the kitchen for Savannah. I moved the desk from her room down (this was also my desk as a kid, I loved it! It is a mini version of a "real desk" & even though I was embarrassed to say that my parents got it at a "flea market" when I was a kid, it is awesome!) The chair is long gone & broken, so again, IKEA helped us out with a brown chair to match for $19.95....we still need to put that baby together, but once done, I can stand over my kid and make sure she finishes ALL of her homework!!


Peyton & I raided "Lowes" yesterday & bought a bunch of flowers and veggie seeds. We planted tulips and Pansies and several others outside yesterday and are planning on starting all the veggie seeds indoors soon so we can put them in our garden in another month or so! We have tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, cucumbers, squash and watermelon! We also have some lettuce for planting outside in the garden I just need to clean out the garden....ugh!!!

Finally, this Thursday will be egg counting, not an early Easter activity, but counting MY eggies! I have a 2nd Ultrasound this thursday morning & if they look ready, I will get this...Photobucket and then this weekend, this....Photobucket
I will spare you the details, just say some prayers that we make a baby! (-:

So, I guess for now, that pretty much catches us up....I hope to God these cell phone pictures from photobucket fit on here, b/c this has taken me forever to compose!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

I just came across this & wanted to pass it along to anyone who reads this! March 28th, 2009 at 8:30pm turn off your lights for one hour! Read about it.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Have been lazy.....

I have been so lazy the past few weeks, I have not posted a single thing! And I am sure some blog-worthy things have occured in our boring life....oh well. I will try to do some catch-up....My ten year old daughter now has a boyfriend...yikes....and wouldn't you know it, my 15 yr old decided to get herself one as well. Double yikes! The younger ones went on a movie date is a lovely picture of it that I forced them into posing for prior to leaving the house! Also, a cute picture of Marley the dog....she is now about 4 1/2 months old!

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