Monday, October 6, 2008

Trip to the Mountains!

A rarity....I had the weekend we packed up the dogs and the kids and headed to the mountains to visit my parents. It is so pretty there this time of year & the weather was dad took us on a "hay ride" in his tractor...which I though Peyton would LOVE, but he would only go if I went the girls, him & me all went! It was cramped, but he had a lot of fun! We also picked apples, they have a ton of apple trees there on their now we will be eating apples 'til Christmas! The 2nd night we were there, we made a camp fire and roasted hot dogs and made S'Mores & the grown-ups drank my dad's home-made Raspberry wine! Yum! Yesterday we climbed to the top of Roan is soooo pretty there and the view at the top is amazing! Of course, we had to pretty much carry Peyton all the way up & back down, lazy boy....well, I should say I had to carry him...Shane got off easy & just walked the dog! Figures!


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