Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty! *Updated*

Today I made a trip to Ikea to get a lamp shade & a cork board. They were out of the cork boards. (My plan was to cover it with the same fabric that I had made my daugghter Savannah's curtains & throw pillows out of). Then, I ask if they still sold those wooden fabric could attach fabric of your choice to it & wa-la, instant wall art. Nope, they discontinued those! WTH???!!! I knew I should have bought those all the times I LOOKED at them. So, on the way out, I stop by the scratch n dent section & see several misc pieces of doors from entertainment centers, cabinets etc. There for $4.99 is a pretty large, dark brown/black piece that maybe was a door or side of something...I don't know, but in my mind, I saw me glueing my fabric to the middle and having a great wall hanging! Here it is. I do need more glue before I hang this is preliminary picture...

Ok, so after buying a level & some spray it is! (disregard the tape still on the wall at the ceiling, I DO plan on getting that down one of these days! LOL!)

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