Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's a sign!

So, I have a man & his wife (supposedly) coming at 6:30pm today to look at our gorgeous 8 month old Peg Perego Stroller & infant car seat & 2 bases. They were supposed to come yesterday but of course bad weather & severe storms cropped up here from like 5-7pm, and they were traveling from 45 minutes southwest of us. So, they are supposed to come today. They haven't called yet to cancel. So, I am hopeful. As much as i HATE to part with my beloved stroller, I need a bigger, more accomodating one if I am going to have TWO little ones under the age of two. I looked at Babies R Us a few weeks ago and fell in love with the Britax B-Ready! Amazing! I want it! And the additional child seat for it and their Chaperone infant carseat. Big bucks...so I better get to selling my Peg and saving up some extra dinero! However, it is a sign...I should indeed get it...because looky at what I just came across....


So, buy the stroller, get a $250 Chaperone infant carseat for free! And then still buy the $150 extra seat, but hey....that is cheaper than buying both the carseat & the seat! (-:

Update...the guy totally stood us up tonight, as I suspected! I guess he just sounded very flighty to me the THREE times he called me and spoke to me on the phone on Sunday & Monday. Whatever! I am still getting the new stroller & free carseat AND am crossing my fingers that I can use my 20% off coupon from Babies R Us as well so I can get a super deal! Someone will eventually buy my Peg & if not, I will just keep it and use it when the baby gets bigger or when DH is with me & we can use 2 strollers!


someday-soon said...

Totally a sign! You must have it =)

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen the B-ready in person, but know my seats have been great and (terrible!). If at all possible, test one of the seats out before you commit- In hindsight I'm wondering if I should have gone with the peg (they do make a nice double).

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Do you mean the Britax infant seats? Peg does make a nice double stroller but it is so big AND very pricey! I would like to try it out in person & have yet to find it locally...need to keep looking I guess! They also have the side by side kind, but those worry me! LOL!

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