Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Doc Band for Jacoby

One of the mom's from my June 2010 moms group desparately wants to be able to get a Doc band for her son. His head was evaluated & is considered "severe", yet, they are Military & their insurance will not cover the band. They can apply for a grant or a loan through the military but that takes time & with the Doc Band, time is of the essence. It is most effective when treatment is begun before 12 months of age. Her son is already 9 months old. Please consider donating, even a dollar will help them reach their goal! Thank you!


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Yay! They met their goal!!! I hope he's banded ASAP!! :o)

Our Starband is $2600 and insurance won't touch it *sigh*

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Is your daughter getting one? Our insurance is SUPPOSED to cover it, but so far...NOT! Still waiting for the claim to be approved & us to be reimbursed for the $2500 we had to pay ourselves. Cranial Technologies really messed it all up...they told us after our initial consultation & measurements that they spoke with our ins co, gave them their findings etc etc & it would be covered. When I followed up with our insurance co about 6 wks later, they were like "oh, CT never sent us all of the needed info, so we denied the claim" WTF?! So I tell them i will get the info from CT and fax it to you. Ok... Then CT says they already sent it all in weeks ago, but will send it to me anyways. It was then that I actually thought to ask what her measurements were etc (b/c in order for insurance to cover it, her head assymetry had to be greater than 6mm)Turns out, according to CT she was 5.9! What!!??? Then, even when my insurance co gets this info, they will STILL deny! Even though you told us they would cover it! So CT had to scramble around, re-look at her measurements (and lo & behold, they think she actually is greater than 6mm now...LOL) and they had to personally submit an appeal on our behalf to BCBS. But....still waiting......it gets me soooo mad to even think about it! I need to check on it now as a matter of fact! Last time I checked BCBS's website, it didn't even show that they had received the appeal or anything.

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