Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patty's Day appointment!

I had appointment #2 today at my OBGYN. I met with the Nurse Practicioner. It was uneventful...just basically going over all of my history. Got handouts on all kinds of stuff. Discussed the benefits of breast feeding. They also drew my blood for the bloodwork portion of the "Ultrascreen". It will be sent off and processed and they will have the results from it ready & waiting for my next appointment on April 6th, which is when they will do the ultrasound portion of the screening. I am so nervous, but have just decided to put it all in God's hands. I just hope & pray that in 3 weeks when they do that U/S, there will actally be a real, live baby with a heartbeat in there.

I also got a call from my regular Dr's office today. I went in about a month ago to have a complete physical done (about 4 days before I discovered I was pregnant) & they did labwork. I was very nervous to see what my cholesterol & triglyceride levels were, because on Jan 25th, I did a screening for cholesterol at my local gym & they told me it was 268 (anything above 200 is high, 268 is VERY high!)! (my good friend was with me & hers was just 133!!!) So, needless to say, I thought I was about to stroke out & would never again get to indulge in a cheeseburger & fries! LOL! Thank God, my REAL results were Cholesterol 178 and Triglycerides 56!! YES! Thank you God! (-: I was so excited to hear 178, that I didn't even ask her what the LDL and HDL levels were, but I will find that out. I am just so glad that I can eat crap occasionally & not feel like I am about to have a stroke!!!!!


someday-soon said...

This long wait for the u/s must be a tough one...but I have a feeling you will leave your appt on cloud 9. Can't wait to hear about it =)

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