Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 weeks

Eleven weeks pregnant. It still seems surreal, yet I must be pregnant still. This morning, well, all-day sickness, did not go away like I thought it did. It mearly gave me a break for a week or so, then returned with a vengence. This past Saturday morning I was violently throwing up as I got ready for work. It was too late to call out sick. I haven't felt good since. Combine that with a cold/allergies. But again, I guess I need to look at it as a good sign. There is indeed a baby inside of me, growing. Why else would I be so sick? And then there is my growing belly. I mean, this is baby #5, so lets face it, my belly knows what to do & quickly pops out there. If there was not a growing baby inside of me, surely my belly would not be expanding, right?
Recently I have had a revelation. I am anxiously & nervously awaiting our April 6th Ultrasound. I have decided that I am no longer worried about anything. As long as there is a baby in there with a heartbeat, that is all that metters. I can accept anything else God throws our way. I just want a baby.


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