Monday, August 17, 2009

It begins!!

This morning I went in for an Ultrasound and bloodwork at my Dr's office, and yes! I get to start my BCP's for the IVF today!!!! Finally! This is my tentative schedule:
8/17- Start BCP's
9/2- Start Lupron & Doxycycline
9/5- stop BCP's
9/10- U/S and bloodwork
9/11- Start stims!!
9/14- Bloodwork
9/16- U/S and bloodwork
9/18- U/S and bloodwork
9/21- Tentative egg retrieval

I can't believe we are finally starting this process......


Jenny said...

Still so excited!!! And thanks for keeping up on my blog! It's nice to know I have at least 1 loyal follower, haha! If you're allowed to move around after the retrieval, you'll have to come by and meet our newest addition!

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

so, do you have your oficial travel dates???

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