Monday, August 3, 2009

It's not me!??

This morning the nurse from my Dr's office called with hubby's Pre-IVF SA results. (he had this done last March also and it was fine) Whoa!!! His stuff sucks! Count was only 5.5 million and motility was only 4.2 %!?! In March they told us it was 32 million with 93% motility!? No, nothing has changed since fact he is now taking vitamins on a regular basis. It is still ok, just an even better reason to do IVF. I am just in shock. For 2 years now I have beat myself up and felt bad b/c I was unable to get pregnant...I felt old and decrepit despite my labs all being "good" and "normal". I figured my uterus just had cobwebs and cracks annd was on the brink of being declared "condemned". Apparently not....well, I choose to think not anyways. It makes me feel suddenly healthier and younger knowing that it probably was him & not me. Mean, I know. And I am of course not going to tell hubby about the results unless he asks....which he probably won't....I am sure it would CRUSH his manhood! Now we may have to do ICSI with our IVF...the RN said she did not know, that my Dr had not yet even seen the report, so we shall see. I know it cost more, but if it's gonna help us and give us a better chance, then we will do it. I am hoping insurance will cover it. And who knows, maybe the next SA (on the day of egg retrieval) will be good again!? Plus, we will both go on Antibiotics prior to the SA and retrieval....


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