Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Did you realize that in a 16 yr old's world...getting in trouble for such things as fighting with your sister, getting bad grades and back-talking your parents is considered "persecution"??? Give me an F'ing break! I guess at dad's there is no persecution.....oh wait, b/c there are no siblings to fight with, there are no grades as of yet to contend with and the only adult in the house is him (and his 22 yr old????) girlfriend. Oh and that PS3 and getting to stay up as late as you want playing video games and watching TV all night...ok, I guess there is no persecution there. I am just at a loss. I can't win, so why try?


Anonymous said...

Wow! We have a lot in common.
DH's daughter (also 16) just caused a car accident last night (driving where she wasn't supposed to be) and is acting like it's no big deal and that we're "over reacting."
Yep- no big deal to her because we're the one's stuck paying the higher insurance, the damage to the vehicle, and court costs. Teenagers, you really can't win- he did a good job with her and she's still just without any shred of accountability. I feel your pain, hang in there :)

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