Monday, December 21, 2009

FOUR Days until Christmas!

I cannot believe that there are only 4 days 'til Christmas! That is just crazy! I know I have every reason to be happy & excited and in the Christmas spirit this year...I am finally pregnant after 26 months of TTC and one IVF, AND I do not have to work at all on Christmas Eve OR Christmas Day! That is a once in a life time event for a hospital nurse!! (I was scheduled to work 7a-7p on Christmas Eve this year, but they were over-staffed and drew names to see who would not have to work, and I apparently won! So, now I work the 26th and 27th instead!) So, I have ALL week off to enjoy....baking, wrapping gifts, picking up last minute presents, being with family...but there are some sad things going on too that I don't want to tallk about and am going to try hard to forget about this week. They are out of my control.(pregnancy is fine!) So, anyways, I am going to pick myself up here in 5 minutes, take a shower & start enjoying this week off.


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