Monday, November 30, 2009

One more day until the NT Scan....

And I am already feeling sick to my stomach with anxiety and nerves. This really sucks. Even the thought of the whole thing almost brings tears to my eyes! Seriously! I am gonna be such a mess tomorrow. I got a voicemail over the weekend on my home answering machine reminding me of the 2pm U/S appt AND another appt at 3:10pm. I immediately started to panic, thinking "oh my God! My bloodwork is in & it's bad and they just assume already that things are bad, so they have made me an immediate appointment with the genetic counselor or a perinatologist" I just called to clarify things, because for one, I am NOT up to any surprises with this whole NT scan appt thing like last time (when I went by myself not even KNOWING that they were doing the NT scan that day....I was just told I had an appt with the genetic counselor)and they told me that 2nd appt is just standard after the U/S, a check-up appt with an MD & that it really won't be at 3:10, it will be right after the U/S, its just how their computer schedules things. Ok, I feel a teeny tiny bit better. But not much. I really just want to throw up and cry.


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