Thursday, September 10, 2009


I went in today for my 1st baseline U/S and bloodwork. The Antral follicle count (where they count all the small, immature follicles that are present in each ovary) was 21 on each side....a pretty HIGH number. Too high, even I kinda knew that. Most often, those high #'s are associated with a syndrome called PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Blah! I really do not have any of the other signs or symptoms of it, but all along I think my Dr has been wanting to diagnose me with it. She did today, I just got off the phone with her & she feels like I have a very MILD case of it, but none-the-less, have it and that is why so many follicles. She is calling in a script for a medication called Metformin that I am to start taking today, in hopes that it will create better mature follicles as we continue on in the IVF process this month. She also told me what I already suspected, that I will be at a higher risk for over-stimulation on the meds that will start tomorrow (for now, Gonal F at 225) and they will need to watch me closely & most likely scale back my dose on Monday when I go in again for bloodwork. Other than that, everything is peachy. My labs were good, my FSH level is still low. Somehow I feel a bit uneasy now & worried, despite the fact that she assured me that all was fine... I have always had a nagging feeling that I have nothing but a bunch of sorry, rotten follies.....and now this PCOS crap. Not to mention, the side effects of metformin are nausea & diarrhea....nice!!!!! Thank God tonight & then this Saturday & Sunday are the only days left I have to work until after the Embryo Transfer....or maybe I am getting ahead of myself....hopefully there will be an embryo transfer. I read a post today from a woman on one of the IVF boards who had ZERO embryos make it to transfer. That is majorly depressing. If that happens to me, I will be a complete basket case, they will probably have to haul me off to the looney bin!


The Davidson Family said...

Karen- bummer but im glad they caught it early and can adjust your ivf. i too have pcos good luck!

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