Friday, September 11, 2009


I cannot believe that it has been 8 years since the attack on the Pentagon & the World Trade Center! It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in my cubical at GE, gearing up for another day of chatting back & forth via phone & e-mail with my best friend Angie while pretending to do work, when news of planes hitting the World Trade Center began to circulate through the office. I called Jen, my friend who lived in Queens and worked in Manhattan...she had just gotten to work, had just walked into her office building on Pine Street and did not yet even know there was anything going on.

So, fast forward 8 I am jumping through hoops to try to get pregnant. If you had told me that 8 yrs ago, I would have said you were freakin' crazy! But alas....I am. And today is Day ONE of stims...the medications that make the follicles grow & mature. I am nervous, and I have a feeling I will be in for a bumpy, roller coaster-like 10 days or so....I start out with Gonal F at 225 tonight & I still will take the Lupron, but only 5 units instead of 20 units. So, yes, now I am up to 2 shots a night. I will do this tonight, tomorrow & Sunday night. Then on Monday at 7am, I go in for blood work...they check my estradial level to make sure it isn't going too high too fast. It probably will, and I will probably be stressed out and my RE will probably reduce my dose of Gonal F on Monday...she already said that most likely she will scale the dose back on Monday. Ok, I need to breathe......


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