Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First U/S tomorrow....

Today is day #8 on the Lupron (and it's starting to get to me....I am having headaches that feel like a hockey puck is slamming around in my skull, but only when I get up from bed or lean over & then stand back they are manageable) Still on the Doxycycline too. Lo & behold, AF showed up tonight at about 6pm, right on schedule I believe! I am going in to the Dr's office tomorrow morning at 6:30 for my 1st ultrasound to make sure I am good & suppressed and also will have bloodwork done. Then, if all looks good, I will start stims on 9-11.

In other news, Peyton had day #2 of pre-school today. And I got to check off an item from my "to-do" list...I finally finished painting the downstairs bathroom! FINALLY!! Now I am aspiring to get a bunch more stuff done while he's at school.....some scrap-booking pages done, finish painting our stairwell area, paint Savannah's dresser, clean out & reorganize my pantry...oh I've got projects!! LOL!


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