Saturday, July 25, 2009

The waiting is killing me....

I swear, nothing is ever easy for me. We decide to have a baby (in July 2007!!!) and think it will be a snap! Ha! Big joke there! one month passes, no big deal...THEN....I start having 45 day cycles. Not the normal 28-30 day ones, oh no! Of course not. I decided to get pregnant & my body decided to act crazy. But, I take it upon myself (after finding out from the Dr that I am perfectly fine) to take "Vitex" and wa-la...after 3 months, it does the trick! I am pregnant. Then, 13 weeks later that ends. So, April 2008, back to square one! I buy a fancy-schmancy "Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor" and by June 2008, get back to trying....again. Now my cycles are wonderful....28 days long, ovulating at about day 13 to day 17.....but not getting pregnant. We keep this up for um....9 months more...then go see a new Dr in Feb 2009. She advises IUI with Femara and an HCG trigger shot...we do that in March, no luck. It costs us $577.00 b/c hubby's insurance refuses to pay to have someone wash his sperm!!!! So, we decided we do not want to spend $577/mo and opt then on to do the drugs and just do the sex part ourselves, no IUI. It doesn't work...... So, in June, I realize that "hello! My insurance will cover IVF"...duh!!!!!! I talk to my Dr on July 1st and she is all for the IVF. Finally!!! Progress...... But now it is a waiting game again. Tests have to be done, more sperm has to be washed, uterus' have to be measured and made sure that there are no polyps and such in the biggie...I wait 28 days til my period shows, go in and do the tests...oh no! My body once again, when under pressure, decides it is best to have a 45 day (who knows, it may be longer, may be shorter, but you get the picture!!) here I am on day 38, not pregnant by the way, I checked this morning, and am still WAITING...... I just want to move on and be pregnant (preferably with twins...ok, I said it!! Lets hope hubby doesn't see that! (-: ) Take a look at this ridiculous chart...(for those chart savy people)

The way I understood it to be, I still have to wait for yet ANOTHER period after this one (the one that is nowhere in sight) before we actually start the IVF cycle. I am dying here!! Not to mention, on a more selfish note, my girls weekend to Vegas with my high school friends that is tentatively scheduled for October 2nd...well, that is pretty much out the window now....hopefully we can all agree on a long weekend later in the fall....where I will be pregnant & glady sit back sipping water while they drink all the free alcohol they can hold! (-: Sorry for the rant....but I do feel better!


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