Monday, July 27, 2009

One step closer...

Hubby went today for his "Pre-IVF" sperm analysis. It was at 1pm. At about 10am, I noticed a text message on my phone saying that he had left ALL the paperwork at home that he needed to take with him to the appointment. So....I had to hurry up, get out of my pajamas and into clothes, get Peyton ready & head downtown to meet him at the hospital. Grrrrr!!!! But it was all good. Peyton & I headed to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book for Meghan & I got a text saying that hubby was already finished with his,um, "task"! He then headed to the lab for his bloodwork. So, one appointment (and $577) out of the way. No turning back now! Not after paying all of that money for him to do his thing in a cup! Next up...the eventual arrival of my period and then my labs, ultrasound and one other test they need to do called a hydrosonogram. (google it if you really are interested!!) If my body cooperates this coming month, we could possibly be doing the embryo transfer around the time of hubby's 35th birthday on October 1st!


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