Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New swing set

This past Saturday hubby & his 2 friends set up Peyton's new swing set. Pretty amazing feat. Hubby would have NEVER been able to do this on his own. We had a few scares...for instance, 5 minutes into the set up, I got a call from him saying that all the pre-drilled holes were wrong and we would have to return the set to the store. "WHAT???? ARE YOU SURE?????" (I was fully expecting several calls like this from him....) He was wrong.....duh.....they just had the stuff backwards. Anyways, we had a few other stalls...needed a few bolts etc from Lowes (b/c they broke the one that was included) and we still have to put up the roof part...they broke one of the supporting pieces of wood, so we will need to get a replacement one...but otherwise, it is up! We still need to secure it down and do the mulch around it etc....but here are some pics:


VelvetMinxx said...

It's os cool how you have your house as your header - how come more people don't think of that? Brillz!

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