Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our newest family member...Tux!

Mandy the Cat passed away earlier this month at age 16. We were so sad to see her go....I would post a picture, but all the good ones are in my other computer which is out of commission currently..... Me (being the "animal hoarder" according to my hubby) just had to get another cat...I wanted one that was older & needed a good home...think shelter cat or one that someone no longer, hubs did some searching on his favorite spot,, and found Tux! His owners were moving to Colorado & did not want to take him along. He is about 3-4 yrs old, neutered, declawed, and fat! (11 lbs) He is a true sweetheart.....


Celia said...

I am thrilled you went secondhand with your new pet. He is precious! All our cats are second or third hand.

The diet I follow is a mostly organic version of one suggested for diabetics.

I got it from my nutritionist. My RE has two nutritionists on staff, and everyone sees them as part of their treatment.

The Davidson Family said...

karen tux is just adorable! i love it!

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