Sunday, November 6, 2011

Olivia's Birth Story, Part 2!

Ok, so Olivia is 6 weeks old today! Time for part 2 of the birth story...LOL!

We arrive at the hospital at 4:15pm, it is dark and raining. The transporters wheeled me up to the 8th floor while Shane parked the car. I was in quite a bit of pain when the contractions came by this point. They took me to my room and the nurse had me change into a gown while she set things up in the room. I don't think they expected me to be so close to delivery.... When I came out of the bathroom, nobody was in the room, so I went to the bed and laid down and waited. It seemed like forever, but really 5 or 10 minutes later, she came back in & hooked me up to the monitor. She was doing my admission, asking me questions.... Finally, Shane arrived to the room. My contractions were anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes apart & hurt like hell when they came. Another nurse came in the room and said that she would help out and go ahead & check me so that my nurse could finish the admission etc. Ok, great! So, she checks me and says "hmmm....I really don't feel any....." and then the look on her face, LOL! Priceless! She says "ohhh! I think you are 8 or 9 cm already!" Of course, the first thing out of my mouth is "I can still get an epidural can't it!?" She says yes, thank God! I knew that I needed fluids before they could start the epidural, and sure enough, she said "well, we need to start an IV", I hold my arm up and say "here you go! I have great veins!" So, they get the IV started and I struggle through the pain until the anesthesiologist finally arrives. I believe my husband had on a "Tennessee" shirt, so immediately, the two of them start talking football as he prepares everything for me. I am in agonizing pain & they are talking sports! Contractions come & go and instead of comforting me, my husband is discussing football! LOL! Nice! Finally, it is time for the stick. I brace myself, my back to the window....but as I said before, it is pouring rain out. He sticks me and starts to advance the catheter...all of the sudden it feels like my right thigh has been electrocuted! WTH?? All I can think in that instant is "the rain is coming in, he is standing in water and we've been electrocuted!" LOL! He ask me what happened & I tell him "um, you shocked me!" Turns out, he hit a nerve. It happens. Ok, so we try again and again and again...still getting electrocuted! Not as bad, but this point, yet another contraction is coming and they hurt like hell, I started to cry. Not sobs or out loud, but just big tear drops were falling. I am such a wimp, all I could think was "the epidural is not working, I am going to have to do this without it and I am going to die!" Finally it goes in ok, without hitting my nerve! Thank you Jesus! I lie back down and all I know is that re-runs of Dancing With the Stars was on TV! I don't even watch that show...why couldn't it be "The Housewives of NJ"...LOL! Oh wait, because the hospital doesn't get "Bravo", grrrr!!!!! Anyways, I digress! My contractions were still kinda irregular, so we had to wait several minutes sometimes to push, but when they came they were very strong and effective. Dr Lucas came in, checked on me, waited a bit and then said for us to push awhile and he'd be back. So, we pushed. And pushed. I swear, I never had to push that much with my other kids! I was starting to think "can they just get some forceps already & pull her on down & out!?" After a bit, the nurse offered a mirror so I could see what was going on down there. I have never had a mirror before, so I said "sure, why not?" So, I watched and watched.... It seemed like forever, but I know it wasn't! Finally, I see her head and it is staying there even after the contractions and pushing...ah ha! She is down & ready, get the Dr! I hear the nurse ask him if we need Peds in the room or Respiratory, and he said "no, I think we will be fine!" So, in he comes, a few more pushes and out comes our 6lb 11oz tiny princess!!!! Apgars were 8 and 9. She was 36 weeks and 3 days, breathing well on her own, great pink color, and so tiny! (tiny for smallest baby was 8lb 1 oz!)It was 6:39pm on September 25, 2011.


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