Thursday, October 27, 2011

Birth Story

So, this is about a month late, but I figured I better write it down now before I forget the details!!! (-:


Saturday, September 24, 2011.... I worked my usual weekend day shift, 7am to 7pm. By the time I got home that night, I was SO tired! Before I left work I let the charge nurse know that since I was at the top of the "on-call" list, I would be happy to be put on call on Sunday if need be. I was tired and was also getting a scratchy, sore throat...what felt like the beginning of a cold! (on call means you don't have to come into work unless they need you...they may call you in later in the day if there are several admissions etc. Usually, I get lucky & don't get called, so I get a day off!) At about 10pm, I was soaking in the tub when work called and said that most likely I would be on call the next day. Yeah!!!! I went to bed at about 11 and slept well. At about 5:40am, my work called and said I was officially on call, thank God I thought...because my throat was even more sore and dry and scratchy. ugh!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011.....
After I hung up the phone with my work, I made my usual trek to the bathroom. I felt like I REALLY had to pee, even more so than usual. It felt like the baby was jumping and stomping on my bladder. So, when I wipe, I see a tiny spot of blood. "Hmmm......I have seen this before! And both times, I had a baby within 12 hrs!" I go back to bed & lie down, trying to sleep some more, but my was still being strange! There was so much pressure on it. I got up 2 more times thinking I had to pee, but nothing. Then I started feeling a few mild contractions. I laid back down in bed and tried to time them...but they were very irregular and I got bored waiting for them to come! I got up at maybe 7/7:30 and took a bath. Something told me that I would probably need to go ahead & shave my legs just in case!!! After that, I got dressed, went downstairs and had my diabetic wheat toast with sugar free jelly. I really did not see much more blood, just an occasional small spot when I would wipe. I then did some laundry, washed up some dishes, swept the floor etc etc. My son got up, so I fed him. I had an occasional contraction, but still, nothing substantial or regular. At about 9/9:30 my husband got up and Peyton & I laid back down in bed and both of us fell asleep until about 11:30am. Of course, I mentioned to my husband that I had seen a little blood and had felt a few he was on alert! LOL! When I got up at 11:30 I told my husband that I really thought he should cut the grass...I just had a feeling that we would be going to the hospital in the next 24 hrs and I did not want to come home from the hospital to knee high grass!!! So, he went out and cut the grass! I took Bella and Peyton outside and pushed Bella around in her car. I also swept a little and even raked up some dead grass in the front yard! Still having irregular contractions, but very tolerable. They would last about 45 seconds to 1 minute, but then for 10/20 minutes there would be nothing! After Shane cut the grass and took a shower I mentioned that we should just go and get lunch was nearly 2pm, we hadn't eaten lunch and I was too tired to fix anything! I figured I could at least get a grilled chicken wrap and a diet drink. So, we all pile into the van and head to Sonic. It was like all of the contractions decided to start being regular! I had a pen and paper and started writing down the time they started and how long they were lasting. As we pulled into Sonic, I decided that I better call my Dr's office....After all, this WAS baby #5 and we do live an hour from the hospital. I had just been so reluctant to call earlier because the contractions were NOT 5 min apart and were not regular. I spoke to the nurse on call & she said she would page the Dr and give me a call back. A few minutes later, as we are waiting for our food at Sonic, she calls back. She must have heard the car engine or something because she said "Are you in the car?" and I said kind of embarrassed..."um, well, yes, but we are at Sonic. It's near our house and I am not getting anything to eat! we came to eat and all off the sudden my contractions started getting very regular & more painful". She laughed! And then said "well, the Dr wants you to go ahead and come to the hospital ASAP to be checked out". Ok! Here we go! At this point my contractions are anywhere from 10 min to 3 min apart. Lasting 45 sec each and hurt a bit more..... We rush home. My husband has not yet packed a bag! Mine is ready, aside from a few minor things. I run around and throw the minor things in my bag, stopping when the contractions make it hard to breathe or move! My 13 yr old daughter is watching Peyton and Bella. When we 1st got home, my husband ran next door and ask the neighbors if they would be around the rest of the day and told them I was going into labor & headed to the hospital. They were going to be home & were happy to lend my 13 yr old a hand if needed until my mom arrived. We wrote down their phone # inside the house for Savannah to call if she needed them. Bella & Peyton & Savannah ate as we ran around the house getting ready! Bella was due for a nap at this point, so we changed her diaper, hugged and kissed on her and laid her down. My mom was called and told to go ahead & come...we had called her earlier & gave her the heads up, be on alert call! So, finally, we leave. By this time, I am urging my husband to drive faster. (he drives so slow compared to me!!) Then I am telling him the short cuts. I think I even told him at one point to put his flashers on and floor it, but he refused. )-: I kept writing down my contractions all the way to the hospital. 3 to 4 min apart, sometimes 6 or 7 min apart. Very painful. We left the house at 3:15pm...just as it started to rain, to storm. We arrive at the hospital at 4:15pm.


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I can't wait for Part II =)

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same here, wanna read the rest!!!

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