Friday, May 6, 2011

Appointment update!

So I never did post the results from my Dr appointment this past Tuesday. If for nothing else, I like to record the details for posterity's sake! LOL! I dropped Peyton off at pre-school & then Isabella & I headed to my Dr's office. While we were in the hall waiting for the elevator, we ran into my RE...who was also waiting for the elevator. (her office is on the 5th floor, my OB's is on the 4th floor) She was so happy to see us and so excited to hear that we are expecting again all on our own!
My appointment went well, although at 1st, the tech could not find the baby's HB on the doppler. This was the 1st visit that they used the doppler & this particular tech did not strike me as very experienced. She took forever, and personally I felt that she was too high up on my abdomen, but I didn't say anything. Isabella started crying, LOUDLY, because the Tech was blocking her view of me. It was not fun! I didn't really have time to start to worry about the lack of a HB b/c of the screaming. Finally, the tech said "I'll be right back" & went and got someone else. She found the HB in about 30 seconds. It was 148bpm.
The Dr came in and said everything looked good. He felt my abdomen, said I was growing on target. He ask if I wanted to do the Quad screen bloodwork, I told him "no, not really" and told him I had skipped it with Isabella too. He agreed and said "we will be doing the big anatomy U/S in 2-3 weeks anyways". So, my big U/S is May 18th at 11am. Sooner than I expected! I had my elective 3D/4D U/S scheduled for May I called them up & rescheduled for July 8th, when I am about 25 wks along. I also scheduled our hospital tour. Shane thinks it's ridiculous to do another one since we were just there 1 year ago...but I don't care! It's exciting & makes it all seem more real. And besides, maybe they have upgraded, remodeled....The website did say "our new maternity center". Not sure if it said that last year too! LOL! I certainly was not thrilled with it last time....I mean, it was fine, just not as nice as where I had Peyton.


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