Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DOC Band Day 1!

We went today at 1:30pm & Isabella got her DOC Band!

So far, she is doing pretty well. They have you take it off every 3 hours (while awake) for the first day or two to check for redness. If there is any, you just leave the band off until the redness goes away. It should go away pretty quickly....which it did. Isabella just had a bit of redness on her right eyebrow area & then on the bottom left back of her head. She is in bed for the night right now & so far, so good. We have our 1 week check-up on Jan 25th. Later that afternoon we have an appointment to have it painted by a wonderful local artist. I am excited for that! I THINK we are going with a girly Dr Seuss theme...with pink!!! But then again, I see these adorable ones with flowers and such on them & then I want THAT! (but Shane likes the whole Dr Seuss thing, which I do too....) What do you all think!? For now, I put some flower stickers on it to spruce it up! (-:


matt and shell said...

Flowers =)

someday-soon said...

I'd probably go for flowers but that's just me =)

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