Monday, December 6, 2010

6 month Stats

Height: 29 inches
Weight: 18lbs 7 oz

She is a giant!!!! (height-wise!!) LOL!

I did inquire about the back of her head which is a tad flat, but not as bad as it had IS improving! The Dr. agreed that it was a little flat but that her face and ears and eyes etc look very symmetrical & that usually if it is improving, it will be fine & no helmet will be needed. To be on the safe side, he is going to set us up with a consult with a specialist who will use lasers etc to create a diagram of her head and determine if any intervention is needed. The earlier the better of course, since their heads are still very pliable right now. Granted, we are hoping we will not need to go the helmet route..... but I would feel like a bad parent if I didn't at least make sure there is nothing we can do to help it out (aside from tummy time and keeping her off her back as much as possible!!!) She just hates tummy time, so she does spend a lot of time on her back! She does like her Exersaucer, but not for LONG stretches of time!!!


someday-soon said...

That's great that her head shape is improving. Good to go get it checked by the specialist just to make sure though. Here's hoping the no helmet route is the one you'll be taking!

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