Monday, May 3, 2010

34 week appointment

As usual, it was a boring, uneventful appointment...but I shouldn't complain, I know! (-: Isabella's heart rate was 154 and my belly measured right at 34 weeks. Somehow I gained 6 whole pounds since my last appointment 2 weeks ago. That puts me up to a 19 lb gain so far. The Dr. said it was fine because my overall weight gain was in a good range. I ask about the size of the baby (since I have a history of big babies) & he said "well, this one seems to be more average sized" I am clinging on to that...maybe I will have a baby in the 7 lb range this time! Ha ha! Blood pressure was is it that it seems lower than usual and my body is carrying all this extra weight?! But again, not complaining! I am so ready to give birth yet at the same time, it makes me sad, since this will be my last baby. And Lord knows they grow up so fast....I just pray this time around I don't screw things up.


someday-soon said...

Happy to hear Isabella is doing great! Don't worry about the weight gain, it seems to come on here in 3T =) I'm sure you're going to be an incredible mama!!!

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