Wednesday, April 7, 2010

30 weeks 1 day

This week has been another CRAZY, HORRIBLE week, but things are looking a little better. I did have my 30 week appt today and all is great! According to their scale (and I even had tennis shoes on!) I have not really gained weight since my last visit...they didn't say anything, but I took note of that! (-: I am holding at a total gain of 15 lbs thus far. My blood pressure was 108/58...makes me wonder if that is actually correct...but hey, I will take it! I measured 31cm when the Dr measured me, so right on target there. Also, he was able to palpate that the baby is head down. Heart rate was still at about 140. Now I will start going once every 2 weeks instead of monthly. I cannot believe that the end is almost here! Time has flown!


someday-soon said...

Sorry you've had such a crappy week! Awesome stats at the doc though, you're doin good mama =)

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