Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's just pray that I pass the 3 hr test!

I am so depressed....I had to do some grocery shopping today anyways, so I decided to stock up on healthier food options for me and really was reading lables and checking sugar content on everything, just in case they do deem me as a diabetic. I am majorly depressed. EVERYTHING has a ton of sugar in it. I am so sad. The oreos were calling my name. Even the boring plain yogurt had 11 grams of sugar....about the same as the flavored ones!!??? Anyways....I am going to try to eat better diabetes or none, but I just pray I can still have oreos when I feel like it! (-:


someday-soon said...

They sneak sugar into everything it seems! So sorry you have to get the 3 hr test but hopefully it comes back clear =)

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