Thursday, March 11, 2010

I failed my one hour glucose screening!

I am really bummed! I had a bad feeling about it anyways...maybe because I have never had any issues with it in my previous 3 pregnancies and I am now old as dirt and everything thus far has been great & normal with this pregnancy, so something had to give. I do NOT want a huge baby! Been there/done that with Savannah (9lbs 5 oz, vaginal delivery!) and I wasn't even a diabetic! No thank you! So, I go back on the 19th for the 3 hour test. I have pretty much concluded that I will fail again, be sent to the dietician and will be classified as having gestational diabetes. I will die. I love to eat crap. I know its not the end of the world, and there are A LOT of things that are far worse that could go wrong, so I will not complain too much. Being forced to eat healthy 24/7 is not the worst thing in the world for me! I guess that I will head out to the grocery store today & start stocking up on some good, chicken, more veggies, plain yogurt, wheat bread. Hell, I don't know! Basically I will just pick the opposite of what I usually would reach for! LOL! However, I am supposed to Carb Load for three days PRIOR to my three hr test, so starting Tues, I get one last hoo-ray! Eat all the white breads, ice creams, carb laiden foods that I want! (-:


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