Friday, December 4, 2009

They Recalled My Crib!

I have a beautiful Antique Walnut 4 in 1 crib that I bought for my son in September 2006. I fully intended to use it again for this baby, as it is very pretty & in great condition. I was looking on tonight to see if they still carry it...I wanted to perhaps purchase the matching changing table & dresser....they had nothing! So I googled "Jardine Enterprises", the crib manufacturer, and came across this:

Turns out my crib is on the list! The press release says they will give you a full price voucher for Babies R Us to purchase a new crib. I printed out the instructions (you have to send them the hardware and photos of the lables on your crib). They give you a pre-paid fedex mailing I am gonna send it off tomorrow. As much as I like my crib, I do want a safe crib for baby and maybe I will find something better....if it's a girl, maybe I will go with white!? Maybe....


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