Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still Can't believe I am pregnant!

I am 5 weeks and 2 days. I am still nervous that this will all go away at any minute now. My 1st U/S is in 2 weeks...seems like a lifetime away! I just hope & pray baby is alive & well with a nice, fast beating heart! I made my 1st OB appt today....its on November 4th. I will be 8 weeks & one day at that time. I am having to find a new OB. One, I used to work for Presbyterian Hospital, so my insurance covered their Dr's. Now I work for CMC, so my new insurance will cover a Dr from CMC more than one from Presbyterian. Plus, my OB that delivered Peyton ticked me off....when I went to her last fall, after a year of TTC, several months of trying after our loss & D&E, her advice? "Just relax & it will happen. You have never had any trouble before getting pregnant" Give me a break! No clomid? No femara? no checking DH? Nada!
My bloating has actually started to subside a lot! I am exhausted, have frequent urination, vivid dreams at night, sore boobs, and occasional heratburn, so I feel pretty confident that things are still progressing well...but part of me now wishes I could get one more Beta just to make sure! Then again, if its bad....maybe ignorance is bliss.


Jenny said...

You're so cute! Sounds like every expecting mother! Good to know that the same worries go through your mind for your child even after doing this 3 times. You're doing great and it sounds like things are right on track! Can't wait to see u/s pictures of a little heart beat!!

VelvetMinxx said...

YAY!!!! Congrats!!! I think the dangling worry carrot never goes away. First you want to see a +HPT, then you can't relax till you see the heartbeat, then you think you'll be settled at 20 weeks when they say everything is fine - NOPE, cause then you worry "until you hold the baby in your arms". Yeah right, that's when the worry begins! SIDS, then choking, then kidnapping, then car wrecks.

Anyway, congrats & welcome to the world of worry!

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