Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worst Day Yet?

I will have to make this quick, because my wonderful roadrunner high speed internet is going in & out NON-STOP today. Its so nice! I woke up this morning (had HCG shot #2 last night) and feel like I am 6 months pregnant, I am so bloated. I have gas pains. Not really shortness of breath, just that "I am 6 months pregnant and my baby etc is pressing against my diaphragm so its hard to breathe feeling"...you know? I feel like crap. Good thing is, no weight gain...I have been checking daily. I would like to just lie in bed all day. I had been planning to run to the store...I haven't been anywhere since Friday, but am not sure I should go. I just don't feel well. But we need things and I am out of prenatal vitamins. Luckily, Peyton woke up early but then fell back to sleep...he just now re-woke up. We are about to head downstairs for a "brunch" of scrambled eggs & turkey bacon. Maybe the protein in the eggs will help me out. It has to be the HCG...I felt horrible on Saturday morning too...again, the day after I had that shot. I pray this is all a "good" sign, but its probably too early for that & besides, it's probably just par for the course. I better start feeling a lot better than this or I will be in trouble this weekend at work. Not to mention Thursday night when the in-laws come for hubby's birthday dinner. Or Friday when my mom arrives for the weekend. (none of them know about the IVF....)


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