Saturday, September 26, 2009

Who would've thought.....

that bedrest sucks!?? Especially so for me...I am always on the go, as lazy as I sometimes feel, I really am a mover! Always cleaning, sweeping, doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, planting in the yard, picking up dog poop, feeding the dogs, the list is never ending. I am bored! Plus, I woke up this morning feeling like i have been hit by a truck. I am still bloated, my lower back is hurting (as it sometimes does when I first wake up...thanks to years as a gymnast when I was younger), the progesterone injections I am taking every night make me have to pee a lot, especially at night, AND today my left butt cheek is KILLING me from last night's shot. It hurts sooo bad! I don't know what hubby did! Maybe I just didn't rub the area enough after the injection or maybe its because i had to lie back down afterwards and didn't move around and "work it out" like normal. I feel like after 2 more days of this, I am going to be an atrophied, pathetic vegatable. Ugh!

7:30pm- Ok, got a better picture....


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