Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We have eggs!

I went in to my Dr's office bright & early this morning & I am happy to report that so far things look good. I have 9 follicles that are already measuring 10 or greater...there were a few in the 10 range, a few in the 11 range and even two or so in the 13 range. The RN who was looking at the ultrasound pictures and report said there were about 30 potential eggs and that I was doing good. They will call me later with today & tomorrow's dosages of the stims. I ask if they really want all 30 to grow and she said they take as many as they can get.......I am still very paranoid about OHSS. So, for now I wait. Hopefully my blood estrogen level is good. I am still feeling very crappy otherwise. My throat is very sore and swollen feeling and when I swallow, the pressure moves up into my ears. I am hoping & praying that it is just allergies. Maybe I should try to get in to see my Primary Care Physician today after I take Peyton to preschool....I don't know. I hate to waste a co-pay for nothing. Plus, waste my potential nap time! The metformin I am taking is giving me occasional diarrhea on top of everything else. Nice!!!!!


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