Friday, September 18, 2009

Almost there....

I went in this morning for another ultrasound and some more bloodwork. The Dr. that will be on-call this weekend popped in & introduced himself and watched my ultrasound, just in case I may be ready to go this weekend I suppose. He was very nice, so that's a plus. My endometrial lining was a "17"! I should have ask, but didn't, but hello! That is THICK! I know they like to see it at least 10mm thick....I wonder if there is such thing as TOO thick? Like, the lil embies will be burrowing & burrowing and get pooped out before they ever actually attach?? I hope not! They didn't look startled at the #, so I guess I need to just google it...LOL! Egg-wise, I have 3 "16's" on each side, and then about 16 on each side that are "greater than" ( > 10mm that is....I think anything over 10mm is significant) and like 10 eggs that are "less than" (less than 10mm I guess). So, if you add up all those numbers, it's a butt load of eggs. More than the antral follicle count. But again, the DR seemed happy & was like "oh, very good response!", and he went on to say that right now it looks like the egg retrieval will be either Monday or Tuesday. So, when I checked out, the RN told me to come back in on Sunday morning at 8am for another U/S. However, on my way home, I stopped at the grocery store & the nurse called me...which made me worry b/c they never call that soon.....the Dr wants me to go in TOMORROW morning at 8am. So, that is better b/c that gives me the possibility of triggering tomorrow night and having the ER on Monday, whereas if I don't go in til Sunday, the earliest I could trigger would be Sunday night for a Tuesday ER. Either way, it's fine I guess. I just don't want to be miserable. My ovaries are already starting to ache a tad today. So, I guess that is it.

Update...I somehow missed the RN's call at 1:30, so she left a voicemail. They now want me to come in on Sunday for my next ultrasound. She said that after reviewing my U/S photos and getting the results of my Estradiol level (which was 1720) my Dr. feels like Sunday will be fine for the next U/S & we will do a Tuesday 9/22 ER. That is my daughter's birthday. So, that is I do not have to worry about Peyton missing preschool on Monday.


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