Thursday, September 24, 2009

ET is set for 9/25

The nurse called me bright & early to tell me that my embryo transfer is set for tomorrow at 2pm. I have to be there by 12:30. Hubby will not be able to leave work at all tomorrow, so I am on my own. I was very sad about that, but what can I do? So, thank God my good friend Melissa will take me & drop me off and my other good friend Karen will watch Peyton for me all day & pick me up from the hospital at about 3pm. I am so glad to have them to help me. I owe them big time! I was sad to not get any grades what-so-ever regarding the 5 embryos. I assume there are still 5. The RN just said the lab told her they were doing good. Hmmmm..... Pretty broad statement. I need to just not worry about it. But I was really hoping to hear some grades...everyone on the IVF board always knows their grades of their embryos at this point. Are they "excellent", "good", "poor"....maybe one or 2 "excellent"? How many cells do they each have at this point? Are any growing TOO quickly? Throw me a bone......

Oh, and it's night #3 of progesterone...this better all be worth it in the end...please?????


Jennifer Salaiz said...

Karen, GL at your appointment! My FX for you. I hope to see pics of your BFP soon!

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