Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Events!

This week has been one of milestones! First, Peyton is FINALLY getting the hang of the whole potty training thing! We are beyond thrilled! No more pull-ups! He even pooped last night in his potty! We have been on several outing in big boy underwear, with no accidents AND he has been sleeping through the night without an accident either! We are so proud of him & so happy that he will not have to enter Kindergarten in 2 years in pull-ups!!

Next, is his 1st trip to the dentist! He was such a big boy! He sat still and let them do X-Rays and he got his teeth cleaned and counted! (all while in big boy underwear! He even used the bathroom there while we were waiting for our turn!) Oh, and NO CAVATIES!!! I am so proud of my little boy!


The Davidson Family said...

Way to go Peyton!

Jenny said...

Wahoo! What a big boy!!! And that's great with the Dentist!

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