Friday, February 13, 2009


Today we spent the day at Ober Gatlinburg skiing....I had not been skiing in about 6 years, while Shane had NEVER been! Luckily, it's like riding a bicycle!! (-: Shane on the other hand....well, he tried, but I don't think he will be begging to go back anytime soon! On a funny note...after about 2 refresher runs down the "bunny trail" I decided I was ready to really hit the slopes (while Shane was at ski school) so I head over to the ski lift and hop right on! As we make our way up the mountain (my co-passenger on the lift was a 10 yr old kid on a snowboard!!!!) I made a horrific discovery.....the chair lift that I was on was going all the way to the TOP of the mountain....not to the nice, friendly, gentle sloping run I thought I was headed to. Oh the horror! I quickly thought about asking to ride back down, but hell no, I could not do, we get to the top and I have no choice but to ski down. Luckily it was not the black diamond course that I orignally thought I would be forced down (imagine big white human snowball tumbling down mountain at 100mph) but a blue run...intermediate....just very,very long one with a few steep parts and several slick icy patches....I think I fell 3 times! LOL! But hey, it got me back in the grove pretty damn fast! Anyways, here are some pictures & a video of Shane about to bulldoze the heck out of me!


The Davidson Family said...

hehe im with shane skiing not so much my thing. tubing ill do that!

Karen and Shane Ellison said...

Yeah, we wanted to tube but by the time we got to it, the session was almost over & we didn't feel like waiting an hour. )-: It looked was really steep! maybe next time!

The Davidson Family said...

aww bummer! i was stuck on the ski lift the first time i skiied i had to jump off or risk falling the 40 ft down on its way down it was not fun! glad you guys are having a great time though!!!

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