Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is the FREAKIN' Problem???

Such an innocent little number.
Nice age when your kids are that age, mostly.
Nice time of night...good shows start coming on.
Decent AM time, not too early, not too late.
But 8 MONTHS of trying to get pregnant SUCKS!
That is a long time!
Women have conceived and almost given birth in the time I have been trying to get pregnant.
I am so tired of trying and FAILING.
I would give anything to be back in my 20's where I would PRAY for my period to start every month! Man, those were the naive!
And to make matters worse, it seems like everywhere I look, people I know are now getting pregnant! People my age, 35. I want to say "Wait! that was MY idea! I started trying first! I KNOW it was, because you were giving birth to baby #1 when I was entering month 4 of trying!" Oh, and actually, to be perfectly correct, we have really been trying for 17 months. 17 MONTHS! Minus the 3 short, yet blissful, months that I was pregnant this past year.....ah!!!!! I thought I had actually DONE it! Joke was on me!
And the OBGYN says "just relax, it will happen. Come back in January if you still aren't pregnant..."
Looks like I will be going back to the wise OBGYN soon.
Meantime, my eggs are a-wasting and my fertility is drying up.....whatever, right!


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